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From concept to completion, Inventherm has the skills and creativity to solve the most challenging problems. Inventherm has extensive experience with applied research and product development in a range of technical areas. Our clients range from individuals to multinational corporations, with project durations of a few hours to a few years.


At Inventherm, we drive successful innovation while creating superior products so you can excel in competitive environments:

We Are Creative Experts

We collaborate with our clients to strategically bring their brainstorming to life from the whiteboard into real-world production.

We Use Sophisticated Analysis Tools

In order to tackle and solve our clients’ most challenging problems, we pair our field experience and rigorous scientific methods with the most sophisticated technology available.

We Work In-House Prototyping And Testing Facilities

Rapidly determine and further develop the feasibility of your idea’s design by creating innovative prototypes that look and feel like your end product.

We provide development services for individual components through complete systems, including:

  • Ideation

  • Design

  • Analysis

  • Manufacturing

  • Testing


By having endless capabilities, our goal is to create superior products so you can excel in competitive environments, while focusing in the following fields:

  1. Product Development

  2. Compressors and Rotating Machinery

  3. Refrigeration and Cryogenics

  4. Thermal and Fluids Systems

  5. Power Systems

  6. Machinery and Automation

  7. Modeling and Analysis

1 -Product Development

Experienced with medical, consumer, and commercial products, Inventherm offers turnkey product development services from concept to product launch.

There are many challenges and pitfalls when bringing a product to market. Our comprehensive and proven approach nurtures innovation while mitigating risk.

Experience and dedication, coupled with in-house manufacturing capabilities allows us to rapidly develop products efficiently and cost effectively.

Click here to learn more what we can help you with product development.

2- Compressors And Rotating Machinery

Our team has extensive compressor development experience for applications ranging from medical respiratory devices to refrigeration systems.

Our knowledgebase includes a wide range of compressor technologies including:

  • Scroll compressors

  • Rotary compressors

  • Swing compressors

  • Kinematic reciprocating compressors

  • Linear reciprocating compressors

Inventherm’s expertise extends to many other types of rotating machinery components and systems. These include:

  • Expanders

  • Pumps

  • Mixers

  • Power transmission systems

Learn more on what we can help you with on compressor and rotating machinery development.

3 - Refrigeration And Cryogenics

Inventherm takes an innovative approach to fulfilling your cooling needs. From custom applications of conventional refrigeration systems to implementations of more exotic technologies, our has the expertise to provide the cooling you need.

We partner with our clients to identify the best approach to meet your cooling needs.

Our team has a wide range of experience including:

  • Consumer beverage coolers

  • Cryosurgical probes

  • Deployable military systems

Click here to learn more on what we can help you with refrigeration and cryogenics development.

4 - Thermal And Fluids Systems

At Inventherm, our team are experts in thermodynamics, heat transfer, and fluid dynamics. Thermal and fluids systems encompass a broad range of equipment where system behavior is concurrently influenced by the effects of fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, and heat transfer.

Applications vary from chemical reactors to cookware. Our engineers have dozens of years of collective experience conceptualizing, analyzing, designing, and testing a variety of systems.

Click here to learn more on what we can help you with thermal and fluid system development.

5 - Power Systems

From handheld to utility scale systems, Inventherm’s engineers have worked on power systems applications ranging from geothermal to spacecraft.

Whether the need is for technical analysis of a novel system or system component to design, fabrication, and field testing, Inventherm has the experience and passion required to get it done.

Click here to learn more on what we can help you with power systems development.

6 - Machinery And Automation

Improve your process through automation: Our team can help you drastically improve production efficiency and improve profitability.

Through automation and custom design of machinery, fixtures, hand tools, and other equipment, Inventherm provides our clients with the tools needed to reduce labor while improving quality and safety.

Inventherm’s team has experience developing machinery, tooling, and automation across a wide range of industries from food processing to industrial manufacturing.

Click here to learn more on what we can help you with machinery and automation development.

7 - Modeling And Analysis

Sophisticated modeling and analysis capabilities.

Inventherm uses and develops state-of-the-art modeling and analysis tools to support research and product development activities.

Our modeling capabilities aid in understanding complex phenomena that cannot be easily understood by other means. Computer based models are used to efficiently and cost effectively predict the behavior of systems or components, thus reducing or eliminating the need for expensive physical testing.

From understanding the strength of a bolted connection to developing simulations of power generation systems, Inventherm’s team has the tools and experience needed to fulfill your modeling and analysis needs.

Click here to learn more on what we can help you with product modeling and analysis.


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