Applied Research and Product Development

From concept to completion. Inventherm has the skills and creativity to solve the most challenging problems.

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Engineering and research development 

Spanning the areas of machine design, thermal-fluid science, and more.

Our strong manufacturing background pays dividends in the early stages of development.

Giving the ability to leverage this knowledge into designs that can be manufactured cost-effectively.


Successful Innovation

Creating superior products so you can excel in competitive environments.


Creative experts

We collaborate with our clients to strategically bring their brainstorming to life from the whiteboard into real-world production.


Sophisticated Analysis Tools

In order to tackle and solve our clients’ most challenging problems, we pair our field experience and rigorous scientific methods with the most sophisticated technology available.


In-house Prototyping and Testing Facilities

Rapidly determine and further develop the feasibility of your idea’s design by creating innovative prototypes that look and feel like your end product.

Clients We've Helped

AirSep | Inventherm Texas A&M  | Inventherm PepsiCo  | Inventherm Coleman  | Inventherm Methanex  | Inventherm US Army  | Inventherm National Science Foundation  | Inventherm
Jason is upfront with everything, and very honest about how he conducts business. I’m excited to be able to work with Inventherm.
Speed Bancroft
Inventherm is absolutely the best at thermodynamics and heat transfer design and implementation that we have found in our 25 years of product development. Jason has always been quick and efficient at solving our problems in these areas and has become a trusted advisor to us on theory, design and implementation.
Mike Rainone
President, PCD Works
We have collaborated with Inventherm on projects for over a dozen years and have referred several clients to them. Jason and his team always do top-notch work.
Jim Braun
Herrick Professor of Engineering, Purdue University
Inventherm’s high performance compressor technology enabled commercialization of our next generation portable oxygen concentrators . They delivered where others had failed.
Paul Edwards
VP of Engineering, SeQual Technologies
I would absolutely recommend Inventherm. They are superbly talented, innovative, and dedicated to superior client service.
Charlie Culp
President, CCI-HVAC

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