Refrigeration and Cryogenics


Inventherm takes an innovative approach to fulfilling your cooling needs.


From custom applications of conventional refrigeration systems to implementations of more exotic technologies, Inventherm has the expertise to provide the cooling you need.

We partner with our clients to identify the best approach to meet your cooling needs. Our team has a wide range of experience including consumer beverage coolers, cryosurgical probes, and deployable military systems.

At Inventherm, we provide development services for individual components through complete systems, including ideation, analysis, design, fabrication, and testing.

We are skilled at all phases of development including ideation, design, analysis, testing, and manufacturing. See our How We Work page to learn more.

What We Can Help You With:

  • Cooling for consumer, medical, and commercial products
  • Vapor compression refrigeration.
  • Alternative refrigerants
  • Transcritical carbon dioxide systems
  • Thermoelectric cooling
  • Mixed gas Joule-Thomson cryogenic systems.
  • Non-conventional cooling technologies.
  • System simulation and optimization
  • System design, construction, and testing
Refrigeration and cryogenics | Inventherm

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