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Inventherm combines forces with SeQual Technologies in the development of a revolutionary oil-less swing compressor used SeQual's Portable Oxygen Concentrator, the Eclipse 5.

What Are Portable Oxygen Concentrators?

Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POCs) are used by people that require supplemental oxygen. POCs separate oxygen from the air. These devices eliminate the need for oxygen bottles that have to be constantly refilled.

POCs are known to be power-hungry devices. However, they typically have a rechargeable battery and can be plugged into a standard outlet or 12V power.

POCs include a compressor used to drive the separation process.

SeQual Technologies' POCs

SeQual Technologies had the smallest system that could deliver 3 LPM of oxygen. However, their existing product, the Eclipse 5, was still fairly large. The compressor in this system was preventing further miniaturization.

Over about a 6 year period, SeQual Technologies performed a worldwide search and also attempted to develop its own compressor.

SeQual Technolgies And Inventherm Combine Forces

Inventherm initially assisted with consulting work to evaluate the compressor technology SeQual Technologies was developing.

SeQual Technologies also requested for Inventherm to evaluate and possibly develop another compressor technology for their POC.

Inventherm recommended for their team to evaluated their problem and devise a solution.

This process led to Inventherm developing and commercializing the worlds first oil-less swing compressor.

The Oil-Less Swing Compressor

The compressor was developed for use in portable oxygen concentrators (POCs), which are used by patients that require supplemental oxygen.

An extensive analytical and experimental program was conducted to develop the technology. Implementation of the oil-less swing compressor resulted in a POC system weight reduction of 24%, with a 24% reduction in power.

In addition, the volume of the system was reduced by approximately 37% with a 2 dBA reduction in the noise level.


Download our case study to gain insight on our project in the development of an Oil-Less Swing Compressor Development for SeQual Technologies.

Who Is Inventherm

At Inventherm, we drive successful innovation while creating superior products so you can excel in competitive environments:

We are Creative experts

We collaborate with our clients to strategically bring their brainstorming to life from the whiteboard into real-world production.

We Use Sophisticated Analysis Tools

In order to tackle and solve our clients’ most challenging problems, we pair our field experience and rigorous scientific methods with the most sophisticated technology available.

We Work In-house Prototyping and Testing Facilities

Rapidly determine and further develop the feasibility of your idea’s design by creating innovative prototypes that look and feel like your end product.

We provide development services for individual components through complete systems, including:

  • Ideation

  • Design

  • Analysis

  • Manufacturing

  • Testing


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